Tuesday, July 21, 2020

PAX: Alright Alright, Draper, Plus One, Teasip, B Cup, Oatmeal, F150, Slushii, Sex Panther, Rump Roast, Shifty McCoy, Special Sauce
QIC: PowPow

AO: Glencoe



Merkins x 5 (DC, IC) // ISTs x 10 (DC, IC) // SSHs x 15 (DC, IC) // Squats x 15 (DC, IC) // Irkins x 10 (DC, IC) // OH Claps x 10 (DC, IC) // Nolan Ryan x 10 (DC, IC) each side

Partner up. Partner 1 does single leg deadlifts with coupon and rear leg elevated on bench (we’ll call these SLDs until we get a better name) while Partner 2 does curls with coupon

RD1: SLD x 5 each leg (no coupon for first round to work on form) & Curls x 10. Run across football field to opposite sideline (@50%), run back (@80%)

RD2: SLD x 5 each leg & Curls x 15. Run across field, run back.  Pick up coupons and lunge walk across field carrying coupon ~1 minute, lunge walk back.

RD3: Repeato RD2

Coupon bent over rows x 10 (DC, IC) then mosey to tennis courts to paint the lines

Single leg glute bridge w/opposite arm coupon press & hold (Definitely need a name for this one) x 5 each leg

LBCs x 20 (DC, IC) // Uptown crunch x 10 (DC, IC) each side // Crab cakes x 15 (DC, IC) // Flutters with block press & hold x 15 (DC, IC) // Rosalita with block press & hold x 10 (DC, IC)

Repeat single leg glute bridge x 5 each leg

Squats x 10 (DC, IC)

During Name-O-Rama Alright Alright went around the circle handing out F3 Dallas business cards to every PAX. YHC explained that we started the workout by spelling out “MISSION” and then recited F3’s mission out loud for the PAX. The business cards are about EHing other men and EHing is essential to the MISSION. F3 is unique because of the five core principles, we’ve got something that ALL men need, but most men don’t have in their lives. YHC prayed us out by reciting the five core principles and exhorting each PAX to go out and #GiveItAway.

Slushii, Bleep and Pepper gave the HC but were nowhere to be found at 0530 . Yeah, I am calling you out in the backblast, sorry!  While Sex Panther, crafty as he is, dropped the lowest risk HC ever – he HCed on Band 20 minutes before the workout started, presumably while driving to the AO.

Slushii actually showed up! He was just 15 minutes late. We were not hard to find and glad you made it out brother, better late than never! Rump Roast offered up a moderate amount of his “signature feedback”, no F-bombs that I recall, maybe a “PowPow you suck” or two. YHC’s first attempt to demonstrate form on the SLDs was a fail, completely rounded back.  Alright Alright helpfully corrected Draper’s form by shouting at the Q, “Draper’s doing it like a Claymaker, is that right?” Man, lunge-walking with a coupon is tough! There will be more of that in YHCs future Qs.

Great to see Sex Panther back in the gloom after a few weeks off in California. Alright Alright wore a weight vest with 8 lbs, getting ready for GrowRuck (Tclaps!), and this momentarily took him into full beast mode – he rage-smashed his coupon on the ground after the 2nd round of lunge walks.  Fortunately, YHC brought a spare and so Alright Alright did not go miss anything during Mary.

1. Happy Hour on 7/24/20 in PowPow’s front yard. Starts at 1730
2. GrowRuck Alamo in San Antonio on September 19 – Sign up now!
3. F3 Nation 10 year anniversary – January 2021 in Cape Fear, North Carolina. Sign ups are open now with discounted pricing!